Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Excitement and tragedy

Engagement is supposed to be such a happy time. And it is-- in one respect. Paul and I are so happy and we had several days of pure blissful enjoyment. And then tragedy struck. Thank you all for your prayers. This has probably been the toughest week of my dear Paul's life. We got a call last Mon. night that Paul's father had passed away. Over the next day, the details of things became painfully real to us. His dad actually died sometime on Thurs. but was not discovered until Mon. evening. The medical examiner assured us his passing was quick. He suffered a massive rupture of an ulcer. I will spare any more detail than that other than to say that Paul has images burned into his memory that will haunt him for a long time to come. He so lovingly tried to shield me from seeing the worst of things, and bore that burden for me. He tells me I was so strong for him. I just did what I could! I wrapped my arms around him and allowed the grief to happen. I prayed with him for us to have an opportunity for growth from this horrible thing. I quietly stood by his side during the visitation and funeral. I greeted so many of my soon to be family, just wishing we could have met under better circumstances. I made the 45 min. drive up north to his father's house countless times with Paul last week. I watched him grieve some more. I watched him give to others so selflessly. I thanked God for bringing this man into my life.

There is much to do with settling the estate and everything, (not to mention planning a wedding, work, parenting...) so your continued prayers are appreciated.