Monday, December 15, 2008

A tender moment

Oh, how I have longed to blog! I do miss it! Life is soooooo full right now I can hardly keep everything straight. Yes, married life is WONDERFUL!!!!! We have each other's quirks that we are adjusting to, but we just smile at each other and stand in awe that God has placed us together. I have so much to tell everyone, I promise to make a new year's resolution to blog more.

But I just have to share this story with all of you. Bryce is my four year old. Bryce is adorably cute and everyone just loves him. We can go to a restaurant and at least one person will say how cute he is and ask to take him home! I find myself being very protective of Bryce. I almost lost him during labor and he has struggled with speech difficulties. He has been teased a few times about how he says certain words, and wow, do the mother claws come out! He is doing well, but he still struggles with getting his feeling out.

We have all been sick this past week. Horrible colds and coughs. Bryce stayed home from school on Thurs. so his teacher sent his papers home with his older brother. The ice storm hit as well as my work schedule, so I did not get around to checking the school bags until Sat. night. In with the school papers Bryce's teacher wrote him a note. It said they all hoped he would get better soon and they missed his beautiful smile. Bryce was very quite and had his head down very low. Then I realized his face was getting red, so I gently pulled his face up to look at mine. That is when I noticed he had tears streaming down his face. I asked him what was wrong, and he held up his hands as if to say "I have no idea what is happening right now!" but he just said in his sweet voice, "I just like it so much. They like my beau-ful mile." I promptly dissolved into tears and wrapped him in my arms. A few minutes later he came back to me holding his note. Again his eyes were full of tears and he asked me if we could hang it by his bed.

To see such raw emotion from your child is so precious. My baby is growing up.