Thursday, February 7, 2008

Even Mitt Romney agrees...

I have not had the greatest of days dealing with New Hampshire being hit by yet another snowfall overnight. (Remember how I said I have to depend so much on others?) The snow and ice keep piling up and when my neighbor's big plow takes care of the bottom of the drive, it does not quite ever get all the way down to pavement. This is normal and many are having trouble. A week ago, we got a storm that gave us more rain and ice than snow. That created an "ice hole" at the bottom of my drive. I know where it is and have just been avoiding it. After quite a long ordeal of getting the kids off to school this morning, I arrived at my home to find two city plows blocking my drive. I stopped on the street and asked if I could help them. They proceeded to tell me quite groughly that I have a large ice hole that they got stuck in and that I need to do something about the hole. Now, mind you, I have already been crying all the way home. Choking back more tears, I simply said, "I am a single mom and this is my first winter on my own. I don't know how to fix the hole." The guy just said, "Yeah, well, just get the hole fixed." They got the truck out by submerging a cement block in it- yeah, it is that deep! If a city plow can get stuck in it, imagine what it would do to my van!! So, I went inside and had another long cry. These are the days when it hurts so much to be alone. I called trusty Grandpa and he told me to fill it with sand and place a five gal. bucket in the hole to at least mark where it is. So, for now, the hole is not fixed, but marked!

My title mentions Mitt Romney. Ironic that I would come across his consession speech today while looking for a weather update. He was speaking to a conservatives convention and the beginning of his speech was aimed for that. I tuned in just in time to hear him say (I am paraphrasing) how births to unwed parents are at an all time high. He gave several stats but for whites that rate is 25% of births are to single moms. The next statement made my hairs stand up. "A nation founded upon the principles that our forefathers set up can not continue to stand when fathers are not present in the home."

You may be a Mormon, Mitt, but you are right on. And people wonder why I want to be married again... :)


WendyJanelle said...

I like that last line, "You may be a Mormon, Mitt, but you are right." Heh heh. Mormons certainly have some messed up theology (cult-like, if you ask me), but they do live very "moral" lives and they are right about a lot of things. Yes, it's ironic.

I hope and pray that you will find a godly husband in time. Actually, I'm praying that you don't even have to look...that God's perfect mate for you will walk right into your life and it will be very obvious to the both of you.

(Ann-Marie's friend, just so you know. :-) )

Ann-Marie said...

Oh, J! I feel so bad for you. Crying and then being confronted again by unsympathetic people! I'd like to have been there to speak a piece of my mind to those workers! (Of course, they are probably overtired from all the snow removal...but STILL! No excuse!)

Here's something I thought of, too. I know you want a godly father-figure for your children, and I'm totally behind it. But, I also wanted to say not to give up hope. You didn't have a godly father, and you turned out a beautiful servant and sister in Christ. I pray that God brings the right mate for you, but I also know your children have a terrific mom, encouraging church, and a shot at a great future! No matter what.

Ahhh the Quotes. said...

"A nation founded upon the principles that our forefathers set up can not continue to stand when fathers are not present in the home."

An excellent quote that was not lost on his conservative friends I am sure.

I encourage you, do what God wants you to do, stand for the truth and settle for nothing less than God's desire in your life.

Heidi said...

hey, I voted for Mitt because of some of those principles. Mormon or not, I think he could have been a good leader of our country. I grew up in a heavily populated Mormon area, so they did not bother me too much, so I had no problem voting that way.
You are trying to be a good mom by yourself and it is not easy. God blesses those who are afflicted. We will be praying for you.

Juliet said...

I'm surprize that they would want you to fix that in Rockford, the city cannot even get to do the potholes...too cold to repair.

Being a single Mom will not be easy. But I do know you can cry "Abba Father". We all love you, and know that only God can give you the grace to get thru another day.

Is there a network of men at your church who can attend to the matter of fixing the hole?

Love you, Juliet