Monday, March 31, 2008

I do still exist!!!

Yes, I am alive and well!! I know I have been absent from the blog world this month, but life is soooo busy with four little ones! (Ok, something else pretty big has also been happening that has consumed much of my evening hours, but I will reveal that later!) This winter just seems to not want to end here in New England, but slowly, we are beginning to see signs of spring approaching. Easter was beautiful (complete with indoor egg hunts)!! Our church has just about finished the new building and our very first service in it got to be on Easter!! What a glorious day of celebration it was!

The kids are all doing well but keeping me forever on my toes. Judson is walking pretty securely now and is into EVERYTHING!! I spend much time in prayer for this boy (and me) as he seems to have a very strong will.

I decided to post today because my friend Stacy and I had some fun last week with her camera. She is an aspiring photographer and I needed some newer pics of me. She took almost a hundred different shots, but here are just a few of my most favorites!


mitchells2000 said...

GREAT pics Jennittia! You look GREAT! (and happy!) :-)

Ann-Marie said...

Who's that hot chick? Oh,'s you!

How do you get to still look so fabulous?! I'd cry NOT FAIR, if I didn't know you and love you.

Seriously? You look great. A real glow you've got going there.


Heidi said...

You look great.
Last year our church celebrated our new building on Easter. It is a great day to move into a new building.
All ready, we are almost out growing it and had to change the seating around.

mom2mine said...

You look phenonemal!

how do you get to have four kids and still be that little? i will cry not fair with ann-marie! jk

i think you look happy and great!

Juliet said...

WOW you do look great. You are a beautiful WOMAN..inside and out.

I'm glad to see your smile.

Dawn said...

You look Terrific! Awesome photos of you. It's nice to hear that you're doing well!!!