Thursday, May 1, 2008


I know, it has been almost a month since my last post!! Thanks everyone, for you kind comments and prayers for my new relationship. Things continue to be wonderful and our love for each other continues to grow each day. We recently had a rare half day of no kids, so we took the opportunity to spend the afternoon at the ocean. We didn't even touch the water- it is WAY too cold for that still!! But what a beautiful day it was to have a picnic lunch and read with each other!

On to my real reason for this post. On Tues. of this week Kristen had reconstructive ear surgery in her left ear. She had a really bad ear infection about two years ago that blew a hole in her eardrum. They did one surgery shortly after it happened, but it was unsuccessful. So we have had to wait until she was done growing in there and for her to go a full year without any ear infections.

On Tues. the ear specialists took a skin graft from the side of her head and created a new eardrum for her. The surgery took two hours and the recovery has been brutal. Her pain the first day and a half was really bad. I could only give her pain meds every four hours, but she would start complaining of pain after about three! It was so difficult to watch my little girl go through so much! Today was much better and I think she will go to school tomorrow. I will send her pain meds with though, as she still can barely go the four hours without complaining of pain.

Please continue to pray for Kristen in the coming weeks. She will not be able to have physical activity for two weeks. Tell that to a very active eight-year-old!! She will also have to be VERY careful over the next two months to not get any water in her ear and to not "pop" her ears at all.

She has been very brave through all of this and really is one tough kid! This should end all her ear struggles and return her to perfect hearing. I praise God for keeping her safe through this horrible thing! At one point she cried to me "mom, haven't I suffered enough?" Talk about breaking a mom's heart!!!


Ann-Marie said...

Awww...poor little girl! Ear pain is awful - and doubly difficult when you have to worry about getting water in your ears! I'll be praying for her to recover quickly!

I'm glad things are going well with you-know-who!

Katie said...

Awww, poor little Kristen! How is she doing this week? :(

I know how active she is - what a trial of patience! Poor baby!