Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Summer fun

I know, I know!! It has been about forever since I have given any kind of updates of things around here!! The summer is just days away from being over and my, has it flown by! When I look back, it is hard to say what consumed so much of the summer since we only did a few big things. We went to our town lake several times (I learned a first hand the importance of re-applying sun lotion- earned a whole weekend of sick time from the second degree sunburn--serious pain!) The boys went with Paul to the men's church camp out in June and then we all went to the family camp out last week. We spent the Fourth of July in Maine meeting much of Paul's family. VBS was a great highlight the first week of Aug. as well as a trip to the ocean that week with many of the church friends.

Busy, busy, never ending... We have had much rain here this summer, so we had to be creative with finding stuff to keep us busy and not drive each other crazy!!

So here are some pictures of the happenings of this summer
Bryce and Judson playing ball at the church family camp out last week. Judson and I while camping last week.

Tyler being silly. Kristen and her friend all made up for a sleepover!

Judson LOVES his blanket! This is a very common way for him to fall asleep in the van. Kristen takes a swim on the Fourth of July.


Juliet said...

So happy to see photos of everyone. Your summer went by fast. When do the kids start school?

Glad you were able to this post.

Heidi said...

I agree. I finally ordered our school curriculum and it is going to be later getting here than I wanted to start school. I think the school year came up on me unexpectedly.

Ann-Marie said...

YEA!!! More photos! I love seeing how your kids are growing. I think of you OFTEN and pray for you as much as I can! Miss you!