Tuesday, August 26, 2008

An urgent prayer request

It is with much sadness that I sit down to write this morning. I ask all of you to lift up my beloved, Paul. His father passed away very suddenly from a massive hemorrhage sometime over the weekend. He was found last night by a friend. Paul's dad was a professing Christian, but did not have much of a walk. Please pray for Paul as the burden of making all the arrangements and taking care of his affairs falls largely on Paul's shoulders. Also, pray especially for his sister, Dory. Dory was very close to their dad and took the news very hard. She is just a bit over three weeks away from having her first child. It has been a very high risk pregnancy, so please pray for her safety as well as that of her baby. Pray that she may be able to somehow get here for the funeral as she lives in SC. News like this is never easy and always seems to come at the worst time. Pray for us to have witnessing opportunities though it all.


Ann-Marie said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. We'l be praying for you and for Paul's family. Hugs from here. Please let Paul know he is in our thoughts and prayers.

Juliet said...

Will be praying for everyone. So sorry for this Loss.