Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Great link

Hat tip to my friend Cindy for posting some great thoughts about the election. She gave a great link to someone I have never heard of, but this woman gave a very different point of view on the election. I do not agree with her on some points, but most she is right on!

Excerpt from Still His Girl :

I cried with joy and gratitude to see our country move beyond insane racial prejudice and recognize that all men are created equal.

I cried with sadness to see that our country has not yet moved beyond insane belief that all babies are not created equal and are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights-like the right to life.

I rejoiced that little black children FINALLY see someone who resembles them become President and know that it can happen for them as well.

I mourned that little children of all different colors will continue to be aborted, can never dream of being President, and that our future President, good man that he is, will not protect them.

I winced that a woman who raised a pioneering man did not live to see him make history.

I winced that a woman who raised a brave man did not get to see him elected.

I marveled that our country transfers power so easily and peacefully.

I marveled that ANYONE would want the job of President.

I admired a gracious concession speech by a true hero.


Ann-Marie said...

I didn't watch the speech, but I heard it was really good.

Heidi said...

McCAin's whole campaign was a big concession speech.
I like that take as our pastor encouraged us to see things that way. We are to grieve with those who grieve and rejoice with those who rejoice.
I rejoice that a black man is finally president and wish that I could support him 100%. I rejoice with the members of the African American race in this milestone being reached.
I grieve however, for the unborn, marriages, and the future of our country in general.