Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A divorced girl sees "Fireproof"

Up here in the liberal Northeast, we did not have many theaters that showed the movie "Fireproof." The few that did, showed them at crazy times or they were just too far away for us to get to. Therefore, Paul and I ended up waiting until it came out on dvd. We rented it this weekend and snuggled up to watch it Saturday evening.

I have been told by so many people that it is a fabulous movie and that all couples should see it. I would agree that it is a wonderful movie. Well done! There is a good balance with some humor tossed in, and I have always been a softie for Kirk Cameron. And how cool is it that he was really kissing his real life wife in the end?!! I knew the premise of the movie. I knew about the porn addiction and the 40 day love dare.

But I was completely unprepared for how raw my emotions still are about these issues. I mean, really. It has been two years. I am happily remarried to the most amazing man. We have our stresses, just like everyone, but I really have so much more to be thankful for than to complain about!

The tears started to form just a few minutes in, and then I just sobbed and sobbed my way through it. I completely lost it somewhere around when Catherine tells Caleb how can he expect her to respect him when there is nothing honorable about what he was just looking at. I really fell apart and even said "I don't think I can finish this" at the part where Caleb puts on this beautiful candle lit dinner and Catherine completely rejects it. There were so many memories and scars being ripped open. We did finish the movie. And when it was over, Paul just held me and let me cry until all the tears were gone. I completely soaked the front of his shirt! No, I had never officially done a 40 love dare. I know that I was not perfect and made mistakes as well. But I lived those things to my ex every day. I loved him with all that I could, and he still threw me away.

As Paul gently stroked my hair and wiped my tears, he reminded me that it was God that my ex chose to throw away. All the pain welled up again as I said, "I know, but he still threw me away, too." He so gently reminded me that all those things are past now, and how thankful he is to have the ministry of caring for me and the kids. He knows what a precious jewel we are and is amazed that God chose him to care for us. Paul has told me these things before, but they meant so much that night. I know that when we took our vows nearly four months ago and we said "til death do us part" that he took it seriously. Paul married me, yes, because he loves me; but also because he believes the Lord called him to this life. God called him to minister love to four children who need a Godly man and a badly scarred woman who needs to know she is not just someone else's reject.

In short, "Fireproof" is a wonderful movie for almost everyone to see! I am glad I saw it. I just probably won't want to see it again for a while. I think I have cried enough!!!


Ann-Marie said...

I love your new blog layout - so cool! (I haven't seen Fireproof, but that's just because I've been spoiled by Hollywood, and I don't think I could watch it and appreciate it. Who knows? Plus, I'm not really a sappy movie kind of person.) But, I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I'm sorry it opened old wounds, but I'm grateful Paul was there to be your rock. God is so good!

Betsy said...

Love the new look! Can't wait to see the movie too.

Katie said...

The new "blog-do" is gorgeous! I've missed keeping up with you this way. Sending you a germ-free HUG!

Anonymous said...

Fireproof is worth a evening of watching it ... It's a good movie with a great message ...

Heidi said...

Fireproof is a great movie (Ann-Marie) and if it can be used to help repair marriages, then bravo.

I never thought about the power it could have on someone who has been divorced and who may not have had the opportunity to save the marriage (good for you for watching it anyway --Jennittia).