Wednesday, September 15, 2010

33 Things I have learned since becoming a divorcee

I have modified this general blog (___ number of things I have learned about life) to be very specific to me. Since I am 33 this year, I will write about 33 things! I have a number of things rolling in my head, and I am interested to see what will unfold as I type. I imagine that most will be serious in nature, but do not be surprised if something totally funny and out of the blue comes falling out!

1. Life does not turn out the way you thought it would.
2. Sometimes that new life can be better than the life you dreamed of.
3. Conservative Christians generally have their head in the sand when it comes to divorce.
4. Divorce within the church is far more common than people like to admit.
5. Though one can have a house full of children, one can still feel very alone.
6. Being a single mom brought incredible challenges, but also equally satisfying conquests.
7. Sleep is very vital to a body’s existence.
8. A single mom is far more capable than many give them credit for.
9. Sometimes a single mom just needs a listening ear and a hug.
10. Children of divorce form an incredible, inseparable bond.
11. Starbucks makes the best Fraps.
12. A ten minute hydro massage goes far to energize a body.
13. Serving jar baby food to your baby instead of making it all from scratch does not qualify you as worst mom of the year.
14. In the eyes of a child, no one, and I mean no one, can ever take the place of a dedicated mom.
15. The term “mom” really is just a title. It is the emotions and feelings behind who you are calling that title to that is important.
16. Netflix is a sanity keeper sent from heaven itself.
17. Add any form of chocolate to that list as well!!!
18. Although sleep is vital, a single mom is able to go days before she realizes she is really tired-- and then she goes for hours more to make sure the kids are all tucked in before she crashes!
19. A single mom can sleep at any time, anywhere, and still know the exact movements of her children!
20. While a single mom can prove that she can do it all, she really may not want to, and longs to just turn it all over to a capable man.
21. There really IS a man out there who would take on four small children that are not his own, but love them like they are.
22. How did I get so lucky as to find him?
23. Marriage is truly wonderful when your husband puts your needs above his own.
24. Serving frozen meal in a bag suppers save your sanity when you hate to cook and are exhausted as well.
25. McD’s once a week with a friend while the kids play in the play land is so refreshing.
26. Someone finds me breath-takingly beautiful, despite what I think of myself.
27. The bedroom is a sacred and beautiful place when both spouses treat it as such.
28. “Stolen moments” are the best ones!
29. A husband that can cook a fabulous breakfast and Italian suppers is a true keeper.
30. Jet Fuel is a type of coffee.
31. Italian sweet crème makes any hot drink better--except lemon zinger tea-- it curdles like cottage cheese!
32. If you thought dating as a teenager is hard, try being an adult under the watchful eye of your pastor.
…And last but not least…
33. If Paul ever dares to hurt me, there is a line a mile long waiting to go after him (and many have told him so)!!!

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