Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Glorious day at the beach!

Bryce borrowed a "boogie board" from one of the teen boys. He would put it in the sand, jump on, and wait for the wave to come in! Sadly though, he was too far back for the wave to have enough force to move him. He would get really mad at the board and shake his finger and yell at it! Then he would drag it further in. He eventually got brave enough to lay down on it some!! So cute, and it gave quite a show for all of us!

Tyler chasing the waves.

Kristen and a friend building a sand castle. That darn tide just had to keep coming in and ruining all their hard work!!

We had a fabulous day with many church friends at the ocean today! It was so nice to get away and yet still be with so many friends. The water was warm enough this time that we really enjoyed it!

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Heidi said...

that sounds like fun. Oh how I miss the beach or at least having access to it. (I mean a salt water beach).