Tuesday, October 23, 2007

God cares about $4 coffee

The depth of God's care continues to amaze me! My prayer through the events of recent times has been more of a plea. My pastor had told me it would take a solid year or more for the ex to really begin to prove he might be worthy of taking back. But when you really put that into real life, how do I keep my heart in a neutral position for that long?!! So, my prayer was that if this man was not for real, then reveal it soon. And what amazes me is that God, in His grace, cares about silly female emotions. Within just a little over a week, I knew without a doubt that things really are over for good. He is now back with the mistress and no longer interested in righting things with God.

The title of my post is about $4 coffee. Here's the explanation. One of my new vices is Starbucks. I can't stand to think that I pay $4 for ONE latte, but MMmmm!! So, being on the tight budget of a single mom with four kids, I allow myself one per week. With my recent Sunday off work (my sick time does not kick in until Dec.) my paycheck was rather short this time. While there is enough for the bills, it's slim pickin's for the next two weeks. Can I live without Starbucks for two weeks? Of course, but I was secretly grieving my loss of my "comfort food." But, alas! This story has a happy ending!! When I got to church on Sunday, I was handed a beautiful card of encouragement from a sweet older lady. Guess what was inside? A gift card to Starbucks!!!! The Lord really does care about the little things!


Heidi said...

Since I don't like coffee, I don't have to worry about $4.00 coffee. what I do like to get there is their caramel apple cider. yummy@@ just thinking about it I may have to get one on the way to Bible Study.
Apparently all the accountablility was too much for him.

Jennittia said...

OHHHH, that does sound yummy! I will have to see if they have that here the next time I go!

Heidi said...

I did happen to stop into Starbucks and found that they don't have it anymore. THey have replaced it with something else and unfortunately I can't remember exactly what the name of it is, but it is a little buttery and spicier. I liked it. Just ask for the caramel apple cider's replacement and hopefully they will know what you are referring to.