Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Only in Ty's world!

This story is just too funny to keep to myself!!

Last night I was talking to a friend from college that I have not talked to in many months. I had to cut things short because Tyler came downstairs screaming that he has bunny food up his nose!! How did it get there? Ty was lying on the floor (by the bunny cages) and Bryce was jumping on his back. His head bumped the floor and he breathed in at the same time. His nose was right over some spilled rabbit food and one went up his nose and is now stuck!! Now, you might be thinking this sounds too far-fetched. You must keep in mind that Tyler is my accident child. I have had him to the Dr. more times than I care to admit for very bizarre happenings!!

I could not see anything up his nose. I felt around outside and could feel a small lump way up almost to his eyes!! I thought for sure that I was going to be making an ER run. But I tried one last ditch effort with plugging the other side and having him blow really hard. It took three tries, but at last the little pellet came flying out!! Lesson learned: "Mom, I don't think I will lay down by the bunny cages again."


Heidi said...

That sounds like my accident prone child. A couple of years ago it was a broken arm, this year it was a broken tooth (see my blog for more information on that excitement).

Ann-Marie said...

Bunny food up the nose! SO cute! How are your fuzzy little ones?

Oops, I was talkng about your bunnies, not saying your kids were "fuzzy!"

Jennittia said...

The bunnies are fine and very big and fluffy! They are as well fed as ever. I just can't seem to convince the kids they do not need so much! They are loved!

Heidi said...

you two are funny.

mom2mine said...

I giggled and giggled at this post. I was the kid with things up my nose and daily accidents. Maybe Ty and I are related.

Glad it all worked out.