Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The change in me

I figured I would try to post a pic of my "transformation" as people are calling it here. When the separation/divorce first happened and I couldn't see the light of day, my pastor told me that it would get better. I would heal, and then someday I would show up at church with a new hairdo and new clothes. I thought he was crazy. I have had the same hairstyle for years. Then, thanks to a great friend of mine, I inherited an entire "new" wardrobe. She is an insurance rep. and has TONS of clothes that she decided to get rid of. They are all great and so much more modern and figure-flattering than I ever wore before. I am a petite girl- nothing wrong with embracing that! Sorry, for all of you that struggle with weight- shutting up now! I also cut my hair about a month ago. Actually it was the week before the ex tried to come back. The pic does not give the style justice- it really is fluffier. I have also begun to wear eye makeup- just a tad! It really does brighten up the eyes and it only bothers the allergies a little. I am amazed at how right Pastor was! (Hate that, don't ya?!) The inward changes came outward and I didn't even realize it until it was there for all to see!

Now, a month has gone by since he tried to come back. He has been horrible. I am convinced there really is nothing good left in him. Every possible chance he can, he "zings" me verbally. He has hurt the kids just to "get back" at me. In the face of it, I falter, sometimes fail, but am prevailing strong with God's guiding hand on me. Each time I am at church, at least one person tells me what a testimony I have been to them. I do not feel worthy. I make so many mistakes. But praise the Lord, His mercy never fails. I am changing- growing stronger!!

I just had to include this pic of Judson. I found him yesterday chomping on Pringles! The other kids had left the snack cupboard open and he found his way to the chips. Of course, at 8 months, he was struggling and I had to clean him up quick, but oh, soooo cute!!

Here's the "new" me. Like I said, the hair is really much fluffier and is highlighted.


Heidi said...

That is wrong to go after the kids to get back at you. What kind of "loving" father does that!?

Anyway, you look great.
And yes, I do struggle with weight and do get jealous of people like you, but my time will come (though I have said that since I had the twins).lol

Brookelyn would do the same thing if pringles were left out. She chews on the other two's coloring pages and I found her chomping on a leaf this morning.

Ann-Marie said...

J, you have always been beautiful!

Being overweight never bothered me when I was with you, since you were never conscious of other people's flaws. Being with you always made me feel better about myself as a person. I thought you should know that. I've always felt your acceptance of people makes you a phenomenal friend.

I do love your new hair, though! And I'm sorry about the ex. We'll just keep praying for him. God can do amazing things.

Just look at you!

mitchells2000 said...

Jennittia... you look GREAT! Not that you look MUCH different than you used to, but it's amazing what a few little changes can do! :-)

Charity said...

Hey Jennittia, The hair is cute but I till think that you look like the same old you. It is funny to think that you, Toi and I all still look relatively the same since high School. I don't know hwat that says about our style though!! I am wanting to get a new hairstyle. I figure that I am old enough for a mid-life crisis!

Juliet said...

Well, I too am sorry that Rodney has been unkind. The fact is he is the one with the problem. I do believe that people who have known the truth and then reject it are very miserable people.

Love the new you.
Love, Juliet