Friday, January 18, 2008


I found the most awesome You tube video on a friend's blog and I want to post it on mine. I have no idea how to link or post videos. Help, anyone?!!!!


Heidi said...

When you find out, let me know as I have tried, but failed. It uploads, but does not post.

Dave Vawter said...

on you tube, with the video you want up on the main window, to the right there is a box with "about this video" At the bottom of that box, there is a text box with the word "embed:" over it. Cut and paste all the code in that box into your blog post, and the video should show up and play within your blog.

grab all the code between the "object" and "/object" tags including the little >< things. make sure you get all of it and it should work

Jennittia said...

Thanks for the help. I found all the "embed" stuff just fine. Here's my problem. I clicked on the "add image" link. I copy and pasted all that you said into the box for file, but it just kept popping up and error with "choose a file" under where I put the copied stuff. Any suggestions?