Friday, January 11, 2008

on Frost Heaves and heaving

The week before Christmas the kids got round two of the puking bug, but I escaped it!! (Until yesterday.) I was feeling pretty crummy through the day, then last night....

About this time every year bright orange signs with the words "frost heaves" printed on them begin to appear on many roads across New England. Being the mid-western girl that I am, it took me a couple of winters here to finally get what that really meant. For all you mid-westerners who are probably scratching your heads, here is a definition in a nutshell: the ground freezes so deep and hard that the road is pushed up forming huge bumps. Because I have been hugely pregnant three times during the dead of winter, I have come to hate these bright orange signs. Seeing them always meant pain for me!

But the term "frost heave" has always puzzled me. Why not just say "bump" or "dip"? Why use a word that sounds so disgusting? Then I took the kids to school this morning. I was already choking back the nausea, and add in the beloved frost heaves.... it was like being on a roller coaster without leaving the ground! It was all I could do to keep down the piece of dry toast I had eaten before leaving.

So I take comfort in knowing this is a quick moving bug and that the worst is over. I also have a new appreciation for the person who aptly termed the "frost HEAVE."


Ann-Marie said...

Feel better, J! And frost "heaves" is kinda gross, I agree. Those Nor'easters!

Heidi said...

I took a guess at what they were by the title of your blog. I have heard of them before.
Hope you feel better soon.