Tuesday, December 25, 2007


It is now the end of Christmas night and all is finally quiet. I just spent the last hour setting up (no, playing with!!) the new Wii system. I LOVE it- and I'm the "grown-up"!! I promised the kids it would be all ready for them in the morning.

It was a beautiful day and I will write more about it later. I titled this post "pearls" for a reason. One of the gifts I gave Kristen was a real mollusk with a pearl inside. It also came with a special necklace that you can put the pearl in. Here is a picture of Kristen and her very own real pearl.

What a teaching opportunity tonight as we opened the shell and dug through the goo to find the pearl. (Side note: that was soooo disgusting!! None of the kids wanted to touch the inside stuff, and I had to get out my rubber gloves- I just couldn't bring myself to touch it bare-handed!!)
But as I was trying to simply explain how a pearl is created, the magnitude of it hit me. How great God is!! The pearl first gets its start by being a tiny little irritant to the clam. This irritant- over time- is transformed into a beautiful pearl. None of the kids really got that part- just how cool it was to find something so pretty in all that goo! But, for me, it was a great lesson in beauty from ashes!!
Merry Christmas, everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Heidi said...

The Wii looks like a great game system and that you can actually get exercise while playing video games is just the greatest looking part.
That is amazing how the pearl is made. It does remind how HE refines us human beings.