Monday, November 26, 2007


I ended my last post with "the Lord must be shaking his head at our unbelief. If only we could see what lies ahead..."

Oh, if only!!!! Last week was horrible and wonderful. Horrible because of the ex's relentless harassment. There are so many accusations flying at me, but God's protection is amazing! Rodney is all talk. We just stand in wait for if he decides to ever try to take things to court. He has no idea the army that awaits him. I had no idea just how many people I have to back up my character. My pastor told me of a quote once told to him. "You take care of your character, and God will take care of your reputation." I am seeing this sooooo much right now!

My biggest praise and most humbling part of this post will be that of my finances. You will remember how I was bemoaning the loss of my "plan." I ended up missing a week and a half of church (the kids all got the stomach bug- yuck!!!) During this time it got around that I had passed out at work from exhaustion and that I was picking up extra shifts to make some extra Christmas money. Last night Pastor called me up to the stage and stated that the church body wanted me and the kids to know how much we are loved and cared for. He handed me a check for over a thousand dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "Now unto Him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think..." Oh, the deep love of my Savior that he would bless so much in spite of my unbelief. And this is beyond the fact that I did have 13 hours of sick time available and the Thanksgiving holiday pay that would just about break even the hours that I lost being sick.

I am so overwhelmed at the generosity of God's people. The church body is barely 100 people- at most. What a great God we serve!


The Hager Happenings said...


You may not remember me. I worked with you and Rodney in the kitchen at MBBC. Aaron, my husband, also worked with Rodney at Bethesda (I think!) I have been reading your posts but have never left a comment. I wanted to let you know that your are in my mind daily. I can't imagine being put through what you are going throught right now. After reading your last post about being sick and not having Christmas money, I got off my computer and told my husband that we needed to do something. And then I read your lastest post and started to cry. All I can say is "What a mighty God we serve". God rewards those who are faithful to HIM! Keep your chin up and know that you have people across the United Stated praying for you. May you have a blessed week. Thanks for being a testimony to those around you! You will never regret taking higher ground. With love from Michigan, Amy Saunders Hager

Ann-Marie said...

Praise the Lord for His gifts! I'm so happy to hear God is blessing you. We're still praying for you and think of you often! Give the kids some hugs from Illinois!

Jennittia said...

I do remember you, Amy! I can't put a face to Aaron, but I remember the name. I am so amazed at how many people this has touched. Thanks for the words of encouragement! I will have to check out your blog!