Friday, November 16, 2007

What was I thinking?!!

Yesterday I did something that shocked even me. The kids had dental check ups in Concord- that is about a half hour away from our house. In Concord is the one and only Taco Bell within a hour's drive of us. Oh, how I love their Gordida!! It has been since before.... you know... that I have been to Taco Bell. I have taken the kids to places with play lands by myself, but never a "sit- down" place. So after every one's teeth were all sparkling white, I unloaded all of them into Taco Bell. The place never knew what hit them. I didn't know what hit me! After ordering all our tacos while frantically trying to keep order to kids who were so excited to be having the cinn. sticks (yes, they really did eat the tacos too!), I realized that the drinks were the serve yourself kind. All wanted to pour their own. How does a mom with only two hands help four kids bouncing up and down excited all at once? I took a deep breath and secretly berated myself for dreaming this could work. I found a booth close to the drink counter. Put the baby in a high chair, unloaded the massive amount of coats, and began barking out orders to the three older kids. I was pretty proud of myself by the end of it! Except that Bryce kept running up to each and every person there and shouting at them, "You know what my name is? Me Bwyce- and this is Ma, and Tens, and Ty, and Juns." (That is my attempt at writing "Bryce talk" for mom, Kristen, Tyer, and Judson. I love that he calls me "ma"- it is so cute!)

The cool thing was when we were about done a man came up and started talking to the kids. They really tried not to talk to the "Stranger"!! But then he told me he was the station manager for the Seacoast Christian radio station and wanted to commend me on a job well done. He heard the kids pray before we ate and said how rare that was now days. My charming Bryce piped up about how Jesus is in heaven and in his heart, and the man laughed about what deep theology such a young one was learning!

I left Taco Bell last night with more than a full and satisfied belly. I left with a new level of confidence- I am doing a good job! Look out fine dining-- or maybe in ten years!


Ann-Marie said...

Taco Bell rocks beyond rocking. It is so awesomely delicious, I'm surprised it hasn't taken over all of America. I love, love, love Taco Bell! You are my sista!

Anyway, I'm proud of you, too. Taking the kids to dinner, and having such a godly witness. I'm glad you were encouraged! And were an encouragement.

Heidi said...

I am hooked on their taquitos. yummy. I found that an order of beef taquitos, chicken taquitos, and the 99cent potatoes comes to 5.00 even (at least here anyway). The tax is different everywhere and we are being taxed through the roof (sounds like an interesting blog topic).
That is good to hear. It is always nice to get compliments on your children.
I have taken mine to places with playlands by myself before, but I have not attempted someplace like that. Kudos to you.