Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I've been tagged

I have limited time, so I will not write out all the rules!! But here are 8 random facts about me!!

1. My earliest memory is of letting a washrag go down the bathtub drain when I was about 4. We were having septic problems, and I was terrified that I broke something. I kept running through the shared closet to my sister's room that night freaking out over the fact that I knew Dad was going to be mad. The towel came out into the backyard the next day, and everyone had a good laugh.

2. I had chicken pox on my 9th birthday and got an ice cream cake from Baskin Robins because the pox were all down my throat.

3. My favorite ice cream as a kid was bubble gum. I would pick out all the gum pieces and save them til the end. Now my favorite indulgence is Phish food from Ben and Jerry's.

4. I have a serious nose fetish. I hate anyone or anything touching or tickling my nose.

5. I have watched "Ever After" at least ten times. I have many parts of it memorized.

6. I hate wearing glasses, but am too blind to go without them. I tried contacts and they dried out my eyes horribly. I had an appt. last year to have LASICs done, but then I found out I was pregnant and had to cancel!! I will do it at the first chance I can!!

7. In a land where skiing is supreme, I am horrible. I went once and had to be brought down by the ski patrol!

8. I have always longed to see two things: Phantom of the Opera and Riverdance. Compliments of a birthday present, I will be seeing Riverdance in Boston next month!!

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