Thursday, May 10, 2007

We have been having revival meetings at church this week. It has been tough for me to hear most of the messages because I kept thinking that if only he could hear them... But last night the preacher concluded the meetings with a great message of encouragement. He spoke to me after and told me that he did not know of the situation when he first came on Sun. but can see how much it was affecting the church body. Here is the outline and a few notes:

"Three 'Rs' for times of trouble" Psalm 46
1. God is our refuge- that we might not fear v. 1
A refuge does not keep the trouble from coming, but protects us from the danger

2. God is our river- that we might not faint v. 4-5
A continual flowing of God's presence
** It is not the trouble on the outside that causes us to faint, but the lack of strength within!!

3. God is our revelation that we will not fret v. 10
"I am not God."

I have always loved the Psalms, and chapter 46 just became very special to me!

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Jennittia, I was the one that asked for your address on your other post. I wanted to send you a card! Charity Although i guess I could of asked you by e-mail