Tuesday, May 8, 2007

My beloved #3

To protect the kiddos, I am taking a cue off a friend's blog and referring to my kids as the number of their birth order!!

Oh, my precious #3! I mentioned him yesterday, and today was just tough!! He will barely leave my side. He turns three in just about a month, and he really just does not understand what is going on. There has been so much paperwork stuff to do in the last few days, so I have spent much time on the phone. At one point today he tried to take the phone out of my hands and was saying "done." I finished as fast as I could, and then just wrapped him in my arms and cried. I then prayed over him. I prayed for Jesus to take his pain. Then I silently prayed for me to have the strength they need of me.

He is usually the happy-go-lucky kid who I know will be the class clown. He will walk into a room and people instantly laugh at his antics. Of course, he is so unbearably cute with his blond hair, ice blue eyes, and huge grin!! So this just rips my heart out to see him so sad. But they do bounce out of it, and before I knew it, he was smiling again. He does something so precious right now. He smothers me with kisses!! He starts with one on the mouth (oh, how I wish I could write them as he says things 'cuz he labels each kiss) then he goes on to each cheek, nose, ears, chin, for head, and even got both sides of my glasses!! Children really are a treasure from the Lord.


Heidi said...

Yes they are. They are a comfort in times of pain in their innocence. I say innocence, of course, not meaning perfection.
I don't refer to my kids by name either or as of yet posted pictures for their protection.

Ann-Marie said...

J -
I can't imagine how difficult this must be on your kids! Mom and I were out the other night, and we talked about how much we love you and are praying for you. Mom said that when she read all those books when my dad died, they compared death and divorce as having the same heartbreak! She sends her love and compassion!